Week 10

Week 10... my penultimate (I still have the final post left to do) post! This was the last week of my senior research project, but I'll probably still show up at Mayo Clinic next week to sort out some things and say bid farewell to everyone. This week wasn't very eventful, but I basically spent my time improving my presentation and polishing some results. If you want to know more, then come watch the presentations on May 6th at school.

I also gathered some more data from the radiology reports, and I plan on looking more closely at it later, which will definitely expand my findings and make the results more interesting. Besides this, I learned more about text mining and also feature analysis for the images and machine learning, although I won't be able to get to that in my presentation. The goal right now is to create structured radiology reports, which are essentially the original reports, but condensed and stripped of useless parts. These structured reports would be very useful for future analysis, and would be easy to search through in a database.

Anyways, all in all, I think this was a pretty good experience for me. I know a lot more about radiology now than I did a few months ago, and I think that my time spent at Mayo has been pretty interesting. But it will be a relief to take a break from dressing up and being stuck behind a computer all day. My favorite experience was probably spending time observing the MRI techs at work. I also liked the cafeteria and the cool campus.

Here are some lessons I learned from my SRP
1. Choose something you're interested in and want to/can learn more about. It will be boring if you don't have things to learn about. 
2. Get started early and plan ahead so you don't run out of time
3. Have a solid game plan and don't be lazy
4. Come up with an interesting and feasible research question that you can easily expand

Finally, I want to take some time to acknowledge and give thanks to the people that made this SRP possible: Dr. Panda, Dr. Zhang, Dr. Kawashima, Mr. McClernon, Ms. Conner, Ms. Mitrovich, and Mrs. Bailey. I also want to give special thanks to my group members: Nathan, Carla, Vijay, and Nicole, as well as to my other followers: Kassi, Shiza, Anthony, Zafeerah, Adam, Kimberly, Isabella, and Zachariah. Thanks for following my blog, and I enjoyed reading all of your comments.


  1. Hello Anthony, I'm happy you felt you had a valuable experience. I think the Senior Project was an amazing opportunity for us to learn things that a classroom could have never taught us. Good luck on your presentation!

  2. Hey Anthony!! Looks like your project is came along nicely! How does it feel to be finally closing it all up? (Peep kass at the end)

  3. Hey Anthony,
    It seems your project has been a success. It's been really fun to follow your project. I learned so much. Thanks!

  4. Hello Anthony,
    The project was interesting throughout the last couple of weeks. I thank you for teaching me tons of interesting information. I hope all goes well for you later down the road

  5. Hi Anthony!
    I learned so much while reading through your blog weekly. I'm so grateful for this experience! Thank you again; good luck on your presentations!

  6. Hi Anthony! Finishing up the internship is exciting, and I'm glad you learned more about radiology. Can't wait for your presentation.


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